Wardrobe Redress: Making more shirts


I’m making a little shirt dress with pockets from a store bought pattern. I pinned the pieces out on the fabric and have just barely enough to make it.


I need to iron the fabric out and I’ll be all set to cut. Those little flowers are so cute! They look like lady bugs, but they are not.


This is the pattern i drafted using Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified book. So far so good. I am wearing my first shirt right now.


I’m keeping my patterns in this little bag with descriptions of what is in it. The Judith Collared Shirt is a pattern I wrote based on my favorite shirt–which is beyond repair and too small.


I ripped the shirt’s seams out and drafted a pattern from that. Then altered the pattern so it was my size. Then I cut the pieces for it with this fabric:


Since the fabric is so similar to the original, I just had to use it for this project. I picked it up at a second hand shop, a buck fifty for 3 yards! I had enough to make this shirt and about a yard leftover. Nice!


I saved the buttons from the original shirt and will use them on the new one. I may need find a fifth one since I extended the length by a few inches.


Sweet little cowboys and horses, how could I resist? It will be the second test of the full length sleeve knit basic tee shirt. I’m excited to see how it works out.

I was going to sew the last one this weekend, but ended up not going down to the studio, which was kind of nice I have to admit :) So I wrote the pattern for my other shirt and cut out those pieces. Hey, maybe by next Tuesday I’ll have them both finished! Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Happy sewing!

Kristin Roach

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  1. All the fabrics are lovely! I love your little thumbnail sketches; can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

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