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Usually I use Wednesdays to post about crafty business in general, but today I’m going to write about my crafty business specifically. I just hit a few amazing goals I set at the beginning of the year. I want to share with you a little bit of the back end success that’s not immediately apparent on the front end.

Working ahead on Craft Leftovers Monthly

I just posted the new themes for the next two deadlines: reading and miniature crafting!

Check it out.

You may notice, I’m finally transitioned to proposals coming in 5 months out from the issue’s publishing date. This gives plenty of time for me to look through the submissions, schedule reasonable deadlines for contributors, and then have time to put it all together a month before it’s published!

This. Is. Huge.

Providing income for others

In my own small way, I’m helping to provide more freelance oppertunities for indie craft writers. And it’s working. I tried it out for the first time in the Winter issue, and for the 3rd month in the row I have enough money to pay my own income and contributors! Hooray! I didn’t break the bank!

I pay between $25-45 for previously published work and $35-75 for new work. I also swap for content.

Even though it’s not apparent on the front end, the Summer issue is in the works and I’m expanding the page count again! And adding another contributor! Hooray!

Going Wholesale

It’s almost happened a few times, but fell through. But now it’s official. Yesterday I shipped my first wholesale order to this great indie craft shop in Wisconsin. Once she gives me the thumbs up, I’ll add the shop info to the Craft Leftovers Monthly about page and post more details about it.

Do you want Craft Leftovers Monthly to be sold at your local craft shop? In your craft shop? I’m looking for leads. Having Craft Leftovers Monthly distributed at indie book stores and craft shops is the next big goal on my list.

Send me leads on shops to contact or if you own a shop and want to carry Craft Leftovers Monthly, email me directly. Send wholesale leads and inquiries to kristin [at] craftleftovers [dot] com. It’s been so fun to see Craft Leftovers and the zine grow like they have.

Interview on the CraftyPod

Diane interviewed me a few weeks ago and just put it up on her site. Go check it out and hear me ramble about what I’m up to, including this next one (okay, I mention it just a touch because I can’t talk about it too much).

My first Book!

This has been in the works for a few months now and I officially started writing at the end of last month. I am so excited! I feel like this is a big stamp of “you are doing good work, keep it up.”

Storey Publishing approached me towards the end of last year about doing a book for them on mending. Of course I said, “Yes!” The book is a nice blend between authoring and compiling.

Just like Craft Leftovers Monthly, I pushed to have contributors paid for their work. And Storey agreed! It’s exciting getting a budget specifically for contributors.

We are also hiring a local photographer! I love making my successes other people’s too. :) And I feel good providing a job for a local artist.

That’s about all that I can say on that topic because other than “general mending book” and “authoring and compiling” I need to keep everything a surprise.

Next up: Getting an Intern

This one isn’t quite there yet, but wow do I need some help in the studio. So as I learn how to take these steps, I’ll share what I learn. Because let me tell you, right now it is getting a little overwhelming. Anyone want to help me make kits and test patterns and do data entry? Haha. If you live in Central Iowa, seriously, contact me.

Crafty Business Coming Up

I was thinking that each on of these topics would be great Crafty Business topics: creating opportunities for others with your work, going from direct selling to wholesale selling, writing a book, hiring help in the studio/getting an intern. What do you think? I’m game if you are.

Happy crafting and good luck to you and your business!

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  1. Wow, congrats on reaching all those amazing goals! I’d love to be an intern for you, I’m from Iowa and wish I still lived there. If you ever want a virtual assistant to help with techy things, please let me know. I could totally do that. Haha. Cute blog! Glad I found it.


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