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Wardrobe Redress: Dress into shirt!

I snatched up this dress at the Salvation Army a couple months ago while picking out things for my book’s photo shoot. It was plain, a little frumpy, an awesome neckline, and an excellent candidate for redressing! Here’s what I did to make this frumpy dress into a cute little […]

wardrobe redress

Redress: Thrift Store Adventures

It can be overwhelming looking for clothing at the thrift store. There is so much and a lot of it doesn’t fit, is stained, is torn, or is just a completely bizarre fashion. When I want to find really golden clothing items, this is how I approach it so it doesn’t take all day or overwhelm me.

wardrobe redress

Wardrobe Redress: Making the old new again

Hello there! It’s me, Karen. You might remember meeting me. Kristin introduced me here. I’m stepping out of the background today to share a few projects. When Kristin started her Wardrobe Redress series, it got me thinking about my efforts to “fancy up” my wardrobe. Since my three little boys […]

wardrobe redress

Wardrobe Redress: Making more shirts

I’m making a little shirt dress with pockets from a store bought pattern. I pinned the pieces out on the fabric and have just barely enough to make it. I need to iron the fabric out and I’ll be all set to cut. Those little flowers are so cute! They […]

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Summer Fling

A lot of times you can find really great fabric at the thrift store in the form of an outdated frumpy dress. That was definitely the case for this little summer fling. The dress had buttons up the front, so they even matched the top. The great thing about dresses […]