Wedding Update + Weekend Woodworking!

We are just 9 days away from the big wedding day, which means just 6 days away from the first wedding guest arriving. We really want to have the all the wedding related things done + the house prepared before those first guests start arriving.

Of course Jason and I both have two large projects coming up due about the same time we are getting married. And we are trying to get loads of work done before we leave on our Texas Triathlon trip so we can actually relax and have a non-working week long vacation. Chaos was consuming. The house was a mess. Still looks semi like we just moved in (maybe not that bad). But definitely was without the “homey” touches we both wanted, though the kitchen has always looked awesome. So…

Two weeks ago we did something that I only ever dreamed of doing. We hired help. My friend Aimee is a wonderfully talented creative woman who not only can make the dullest of dull things shine, but has an uncanny talent for organizing and bringing order to a disordered space. It’s a special type of personality that can cut through the clutter of a home and restore order in a way that it will stay organized despite the residence (Jason and I).

We’ve been able to clean and restore order to the bulk of the spaces that need it. Only the guest bedrooms are left and now we can focus on a little dash and splash decorating to tie this whole place together. This weekend I’m taking a “break” from wedding projects per-say and working on some home projects – a day bed for one of the guest bedrooms and a shoe caddy/bench for the living room.

I found the perfect day bed for one of our guest rooms (formally our offices), but with the $1000 price tag Pottery Barn had attached to it, I was going to settle for a much less attractive piece. That is until I found this amazing website that is revolutionizing my home woodworking projects. Have you ever seen Ana White: Homemaker? This website is brilliant. And I see about half of you have already liked it on facebook. I feel so in the dark sometimes! Why didn’t you tell me!

And wouldn’t you know it, she’s put together plans that knock off the very day bed I was envying? The Storage Day Bed: Lovely. I especially love Kara’s version and pictures of the bed. I guess it’s finally time to dig out my sewing machine and make all those pillows I’ve been talking about.

Encouraged by this tri-box approach, I’ve decided to build a knock off of my own. I found this “perfect” bench on amazon, but at $300, couldn’t really justify the expense. Especially because it would over-lap our living room windows by 5 inches+. I realized if I just leave off the bottom footer and give it a slightly less abundant cushion, it would fit our space perfectly. Ah I do love the custom nature of making it myself.

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  1. Oh man, that site is a rabbit hole of goodness! Before long, we’ll be moving to a much smaller house and will need underbed storage. She has the perfect plan! Now, to convince my dad and husband to make it for me…

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