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Ep 3: Decluttering to Unlock Creative Flow

Note: These show notes contain affiliate links Enjoy Episode 3 of the Craft Leftovers Podcast (a recording of the March livestream) in audio form or pull up a project and craft along. I’m working on mending my favorite spring jacket. Thanks for the company! No matter your Cleaning or Cluttering […]

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Getting my Thrifty Barrings

Originally published on: Jun 20, 2012 @ 13:59 Last week I talked about where I was, so this week I want to focus more on where I want to be and, the big one, why. At some point I realized that I had to Want a change. Really want it. […]

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Getting organized…. again.

Every 6 months or so I get to the point in my studio where my works in progress, stash, gifts, random house stuff, and hid-away-so-guest-won’t-see-it” completely takes over my studio. After this last clean out was done I got rid of: 9 boxes and 2 garbage bags of craft stuff […]

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Saving a Paint Brush from Becoming a Paint Stick

Working on the mural reminded me of my first painting professor and of the importance of brush cleaning. After 50 different people worked on the mural (awesome) all our brushes were trashed. Paint up the handles, crusted, dirty, and half dry. Is there any coming back from that? We had about 10 nicer brushes and some fine tipped brushes of mine that I was intent on saving from being paint sticks.

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Thrift Kitchen: 7 Steps to Keeping the Fridge Clean

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Now that I’m out of “half past overwhelmed” mode, I’m getting back to my weekly routine of cleaning out the fridge, finishing off any leftovers, and making up my grocery list. What I did with the fridge was the first step. Once you deep clean it, a weekly trash and swipe down will keep it clean for a very long time.

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Thrift Kitchen: No Hassle Housecleaning

House cleaning is a hassle. Period. And no book will ever change that. Period. That being said, reading No Hassle Housecleaning by Christina Spence left me feeling like  cleaning could be less of a hassle than it currently is. I’ve been working with the fly lady system of housecleaning for awhile […]

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Sewing Pattern: Laundry Bags

I got these plastic bags for christmas and opted to repurpose them as laundry bags. After load 6, they started to rip. It turns out that being made for soft plush light weight pillows = not being able to hold a bazillion pounds of laundry.

All the same, I loved the simple structure of the bags. It would be a snap to whip up more bags made out of more sturdy fair. And, taking a little inspiration from a Target bag, I added a flap with a snap so I can fold them up for storage and keep them in The Laundry Loader I made last year. Once it gets warm again, I think I’ll even stencil the washing symbols on each bag. :)