Getting the Itch to Knit Sweaters!

 Gentle Teresa on Knitty  — The large cabled panels remind me of the Bella Gloves I knit at a friend’s request a few years ago. I enjoyed working with a larger yarn and the gently sloping cabled forms.

 Paulie Sweater on Owl Sisters – I’m a sucker for these kinds of sweaters, cough, cardigans I mean. Nicely fitting, but comfy. Stripes. Natural shades of wool. And that collar is my fave! And I just realized it’s a similar styled collar to Gentle Teresa… hmmm a trend!

The Shalom Cardigan looks like it would be fun, fast, and perfect for the upcoming autumn. I really like the texture in the yoke. Just click the link in the sidebar of Involving the Senses blog for the pattern pdf.

Miss Michelle’s Sweater is one that I designed for Interweave Knits a few years back. There were some editorial staff hickups that left me with just 2 weeks to knit, write, and ship out the pattern. 90+ hours of knitting later I shipped it straight out the door with only 12 hours to spare. I love this sweater so much and want to re-knit it for my own wardrobe, but the idea of re-making  it after that knitting marathon has put it on the backburner… until now. I’m actually going to buy new yarn specifically for it!

Another super-cute quick to knit, simple, but interesting button band/collar accent work. I was thinking a soft blue great yarn with a touch of sheen would make help some of my summer dresses into fall weather appropriate pieces.

I have this image of myself looking as sophisticated and flirty vintage as the model, haha. Love Vandalia, down the pale pinkish yarn + silver broach.

It’s been chilly around here this week, which is a marked difference from the hot hot hot 100+ temps I faced while riding ragbrai. I’m in heaven! I love it when it’s about 55-70 degrees and anything – rain, fog, sun, clouds. Love it! Because… it’s sweater weather!

I ended up cleaning my studio so I could make a video, but the cleaning took so long that no video was made. But what was discovered is that I have enough yarn to knit 3 sweaters. And so, with this snap of chilly weather, I started to make a “lovely to knit” list for this bundle of treasured fiber. Here are 6 sweaters that I’m contemplating.

What will most likely happen is I’ll take elements from all of them and just make it up as I go. Ha!

What sweater is on your next to knit list?


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