Happy Easter!

I wanted to post a Easter related something or other, but I didn’t want to post what I had done before, so I searched the word “Easter” on Craft Leftovers. A few really great posts popped up and so I decided to take you on a little archive tour.  Here is a fun round up of Easter occurances in the last 4 years of Craft Leftovers history:

The Easter Honey Bunny’s original post popped up. This pattern in its original form is pretty rotten, but the end result is cute if you can navigate it. Check back in 2 weeks from now for the new version which is fully corrected and fully updated. It’s kind of fun to see how much I’ve grown since then. I’m not even linking to this because seriously, it’s pretty bad.

Knit Honey Bunny This is a potentially cute picture (bad flash) of the Honey Bunny #1 (right) with Honey Bunny #2 (left) and a “Happy Easter.” Awwww. I still have #1, but #2 has found its way into my friend’s son’s crib. I just finished Honey Bunny #3 this week. It would be cute to have a reunion and get a shot of the three of them together.


I’m not exactly sure why this Pack-O-Fun post came up, but I really enjoyed re-reading it. My friend Deb sent me a collection of these great vintage magazines called Pack-O-Fun and I hunted down its current incarnation. I can only hope that someday, past my lifetime, Craft Leftovers will still live on in some version. It’s so neat to think about.

It turns out that this post was about a reader’s project for the Lainie’s Tote pattern that she had given to her daughter for Easter. So this little post about Lainie’s Tote and a quick quilling mention came up. That’s kind of fun. I had forgotten I even wrote that.

Next, I did a round up of Easter related crafts and project ideas. I still love this lace Easter egg dyeing tutorial the most. There are many really fun projects listed for egg decorating and basketry.

Over here’s a funny little “leave of absence” post from when I didn’t realize that I would have a bazillion things falling on the week leading up to and after the weekend I had to be out of town for Easter. I said, “I’ll remember for next time.” Ha. I didn’t. Maybe I’ll try to manage time better for next year? I do have the holidays in my calendar now, so that’s a start. It’s also funny looking at what I was managing this time last year compared to now. Last year’s load was infinitely lighter. It’s kind of neat how we adapt and grow…or a little scary how much more responsibility I’ve taken on.

This is another, “Why did this come up as an Easter result?” sort of post. New Studio Check In Part 2 from the Redress series. I’m still loving my new studio out of the home and my rearranged home studio. It’s been really fun “going” to work each day. I’m still working on that schedule thing. It’s always a battle to have “regular” hours. Why do I feel I need to? I feel better about myself and my work when I do. To me, feeling good about my work (and play) is the main objective.

And last but not least, this year’s post for the April issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly came up! What fun! It’s a pretty good all around April issue with some fun Easter related things sprinkled in.

Thanks for another great year of Craft Leftovers fun! Can you believe I’ve been working on using up my stash for 4 years?! I still can’t believe that in 2008 I bought about 100 skeins of yarn and in 2009 I only bought 9. That was some serious consumption reduction! I still struggle with little crafty purchases, things like fasteners and buttons and thing-a-ma-jigs. I’m a real sucker for thing-a-ma-jigs.

The April Stash Bust is helping to keep me extra accountable to looking to what is on hand first before going to the store to buy. I just joined the April Stash Bust Swap yesterday, so I’ll be getting a great surprise package of new-to-me stash while swapping out some of my old-to-me stash. Can’t wait to see what I get.

Happy Easter!

Kristin Roach