Leftovers Digest: 15 posts to tantalize the fall senses

Things to Make and Look At

1. I saw these little knit leaves and instantly thought “oh, leftover yarn bits could make those little lovelies”. Over on Knitting Iris, I can’t remember where I first saw this.

2. Little trees made from leaf rubbings (love this!).

3. Ruffled leaf tee shirt tutorial on Positively Splendid (via craft gossip)

4. Would not mind making one of these dainty leather clutches, love the scalloped trim – On a Lemon Squeezy Home (such a cute name!) via CraftGossip.

5. Camera Strap Tutorial on Thimble

6. Sexy Pumpkins – if you still have pumpkins laying around, this would be a fun way to jazz them up for thanksgiving.

7. Doily Star Decorations on Poppytalk – so pretty and so festive. I think I’ll use this come the first snow – potentially this weekend.

8. This whole blog, everything on it. I love what you are doing Tracey Meek!

Inspiring Articles

9. The Little Guide to Inspiration and The Little but Extremely Useful Guide to Creativity – reminds me of all the ways to be inspired, stay creative, and keep loving life’s simple pleasures.

10. The Myth of the Exceptional Life – time to live exceptionally true to myself.

11. The #1 Sneaky Lie That Attracts Overwhelm

12. Inspiration vs Motivation

Yummy Recipes

13. I love small things (look at the September issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly for proof) and these little Itsy Bitsy Doughnuts definitely fall into that category of small and delicious. Must make these! Yum!

14. Apple picking season is one of my favorite times of year and I thoroughly enjoyed this unique and delicious take on an old favorite: Baked Apples Savory Sweet

15. Love Sloppy Joes – my dad is named Joe after all – and this is definitely beyond your average sloppy joe. Deliciousness on The Urban Baker (new fav foodie blog).

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do!
Happy Crafting and Autumn!