Spices to Make and Give!

I know we are a good two and a half months away from Christmas, but I really want to avoid the last minute crazy of the idyllic *handmade* christmas. I’m going to make gift baskets again for our friends and family. In each one I want to have mix of handmade crafts and eatables.

One of the things I love getting from friends is spice mixes. It’s like a peek into their kitchen. And each time I open one up and introduce it to my pots and pans I remember them, and it brings a smile to my face and my cooking. So I want to return the favor by making up a few that I use the most!

 1. Chai Marsla Tea on The Kitchn.

 2. Montreal Steak Seasoning Rub from Kalyn’s Kitchen

 3. Seven Spice Blends on Simple Mom

 4. Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix on Alaska from Scratch

 5. Default Herbs from Talk of Tomato

 6. Jerry’s Texas Barbecue Rub on CBSOP

And another tasty one I don’t have an image for: Homemade Garam Masala on Arabicbites.

Hope this helps you get some ideas for making quick and easy (and delicious) handmade gifts for your family and friends.

Happy Making!
Kristin Roach