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Welcome & Hello!

Hi all! If you’re stopping by the blog for the first time after seeing the booth at Renegade, I just wanted to say “hello” and show you around a bit. I know there was a lot to check out at Renegade and you most like did what I do in

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Crafty Business

RSS Feeds on Probation

Or how I learned to be a better blogger by examining my own reading habits. There are so many amazing craft blogs. And I physically can’t read them all. I leave it up to Craftzine.com, Craftgossip.com, and Whipup.net to keep me up to date on most the amazing things crafting

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On Blog Writing

This past month I’ve been contemplating the question of “am I professional writer or a blogger or is there a difference?” It’s an interesting question for me because more and more I’m writing for my living: through Craft Leftovers, Craft Leftovers Monthly, the Ames Progressive, on other websites, and various

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