Oopsies and Toofsies

Jason and I have a running joke where every time I message him while I’m out and about or check my e-mail, he replies with a good hardy “Tréo!” I love my tréo and he loves his iTouch and we are pretty happy using our little gadgets. He has a nice industrial, clear jason has informed me that it’s black with faux leather, snap case for his and for my little tréo I don’t have anything! It’s getting pretty banged up already in my bag. This is an issue that needs some solving. So here we go, a little tréo pocket! It also fits around most smart phones and since I made quite a few to work out the pattern, I have a change purse and a new wallet for my cards and such. I’m going to fix those up with some Velcro to keep the change in.

Best of all it only takes about 25g of any sport weight yarn! Hooray for using up scraps and half skeins!


Download the Oopsies and Toofsies pattern here (pdf).

See more pictures of Oopsies and Toofsies here in the Craft Leftovers Flickr Group. If you have pictures of a Craft Leftovers pattern that you have made, join the group and add it. I love to see what everyone makes.

Well, after quite the weekend/week, I’m feeling a whole lot better. I think going and seeing my folks was just what I needed. Thank you to everyone who posted comments, I reallllly appreciated it in this trying time. It helped to boost my spirits much. Also thank you for understanding the necessary delays in everything. I came home from my folks today and cleaned for most of the early afternoon. That also felt really good. Tomorrow, laundry!

Enough of that. On to better things! The March issue Craft Leftovers Monthly is going on Sale tomorrow at noon. There will be just 15 issues going on sale, so make sure to pick one up for yourself before they sell out! You can try it out with a one month subscription, or if you know you would like to receive it every month, you can get a 3 month subscription (and save a little money to boot).

See you all around lunch tomorrow!

++Kristin Roach++


3 thoughts on “Oopsies and Toofsies

  1. These are just too cute. I love that they have a personality. I don’t have either gadget for it but I might just have to make one anyway. :)

  2. Your patterns are so cute and so ingenious. Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us. I, for one, greatly appreciate it :-D

  3. Another adorable creation by Kristin! I was not feeling the best today and stressed out after doing some errands. It was so fun and calming to come home and eat my lunch while catching up on craftleftovers. Thanks Kristin for not only sharing your creative patterns with us but also yourself.

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