WIP: Kate Mitchell Mural!

I have a huge WIP to share with you this week: a 24′ long mural! A little shy of a month ago I was hired to design and paint a mural for an elementary school. It was in honor of their successful community garden and the idea was to kick […]

thrift kitchen

Getting my Garden ON!

community garden03
The weather has been absolutely wonderful lately and I was pretty excited to get out into the community garden this weekend and even this morning. This morning we had a pleasant surprise–carrots! Check out these little stubby guys:


Community Stash Busting

The April Stash Bust is pretty dear to my heart. In fact, Craft Leftovers is pretty much the April Stash Bust year round. If you’ve jumped over to the “about” page it reads: “I am driven to create, but not to create more waste. From the studio to the kitchen, […]


CL’s First Ever Online Editor: Introducing Karen!

Most likely, you haven’t noticed a major change here on Craft Leftovers this past month. No one notices when there are no glaring spelling and grammar errors. But, I’m sure in the past you have been slapped in the face while reading a CL post with a horrifically spelled word or phrased […]