Hi Ya Pile of Yarn! WIP Check In.

After so much intense sewing for the book, that pile of yarn is looking pretty inviting. Hi ya yarn, how’s it going? What have you been up to? Oh a sweater you say? Knit a sweater? I think I will. In fact, I think I’ll crochet one too.

It’s been fun pushing my pile of yarn WIPs and seeing what I want to finish up next. I’ve fallen back in love with these two projects.

Gabrielle from Rialto by Debbie Bliss

I changed up this pattern quite a bit, the size of the yarn I used dictated that I must. Thankfully it was just a few tweeks in gauge and I was actually able to just use a few sizes smaller instructions instead of re-writing the pattern. I did make it significantly longer than the pattern called for to. I’m using size 4 Crystal Palace needles (circular) and Brown Sheep Prairie Silk in Black and Charcoal Gray. I just finished the back and am casting on for the front. So let’s say I’m about 1/5 done because of the sleeves and hood (each probably about the size of the back, as far as yarn goes). I have about 17 balls 50g of yarn, hopefully that’s enough.

Short and Sweet from the Happy Hooker
Short n' Sweet
This little lady has been languishing on the hook for over 16 months. And when I put it down, it was over half way done. Well, I’ve hooked a few more row on and shortly will be working on the edging, blocking it out, and wearing it around. Though I think it is starting to get a bit chilly for such a lacy short sleeve cardigan. Ah well, I’ll set it aside for the spring or wear it around in the office.

I am crocheting with a size G hook and 3 skeins of Brown Sheep cotton fleece.

Woven Scarf Sampler

I’ve continued to make progress on my weaving, which not as much as I would have hoped. I have 3 inches of a birds-eye twill pattern and another inch of plain weaving. My plan is to have bands of twill and green and gray. In theory it will make a nice square and rectangle pattern color pattern with different types of twill in each “band.” No picture, I totally spaced this morning while I was getting all snappy happy.

Reversible Convertible
Reversible Convertible Mittens
Reversible Convertible Mittens
Reversible Convertible Mittens
Then of course, my Craft Leftovers Monthly crafting resulted in making this great pair of knit mittens, so warm. Just in time too, it’s getting colder every day. I knit two strands at the same time: a bulky domestic wool and a dk merino. I love the flecks of colors.

Warm like a Sunny Beach
Warm like a Sunny Beach
And I made this great scarf. I really love my vintage jacket, but with a huge flat collar, it leaves my neck pretty exposed. I’m excited to wear my new crocheted goodie with it. Molly wouldn’t get out of the shot, so I stuck it on her. It’s odd how it seems to fit her. I swear it fits me too.
I used two large vintage buttons to hold it around. Because the crochet fabric is so thick, it actually works really well as a warm snugly collar that can be folded down or flipped up.

What have you been yarning it up with lately? Used any good leftovers :)

Happy crafting!