Pattern Review: the Darling Durby Sweater (aka Jak’s Jumper)

I finally finished Jak’s sweater. Thank goodness we had some excellent, unseasonally warm weather this past month. I just had too much on my plate to be able to get it done in a timely fashion. But I did get it done!

The pattern that I used, the Darling Durby Sweater, was really great. I love the fact that it was made using his own measurements, especially because we have yet to find a pre-made jacket that will fit his extra long body: 29″ from the base of his neck to the base of his tail. The only complaint I have about the pattern is that the wording is a little confusing when decreasing for the underarms. But, if it wasn’t 2am, would I have been confused? The pattern is free, and I’m sure my patterns can be just as confusing, so I’m pretty happy with the whole thing.

I did alter the pattern a bit, I just can’t help myself. I decided to go ahead and forgo the body decreases and instead work the back like turning the heel of a sock. That way it snugs around his butt vs leaving some of his back and backside exposed. It took more yarn to do it that way along with a little more time, but I really like the way it looks.

The total yarn count was somewhere in the area of 6 skeins! Yeah, take that stash! There’s something so rewarding about making a really nice useful item out of junk laying around the studio. In fact, I saved us about $50 by knitting this sweater instead of buying one. I know time is money and all that jazz, but cash is cash and the less cash out the more we can save for a car.

And doesn’t he look smart in his blue and yellow jumper?

Have you made your favorite animal buddy a coat lately? What pattern did you use? Any tips for the rest of us just starting to get into it?

Happy crafting!

p.s. I promise this is my last dog related post for at least a week. :)

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