ArtVend: The newest, smallest shop in town!

Today I wanted to share with you something a little different. It’s a project that has literally been keeping me up at night and last Friday I finally sent it off into the world. Our main contact at the location asked, “Does it feel like you are leaving your kid […]

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Meet Suzanne Mwamba :: Tapestry Weaving for All!

Suzanne Mwamba is the author of the TangleCrafts website – a great resource for all things diy weaving and embroidery! You can visit her website here and her shop here. Make sure to take a look at her new zine+kit subscription: DIY Weaving Club! I first met Suzanne Mwamba when […]


Interview with Tiffany of Muntedkowhai

I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Tiffany Pang of Muntedkowhai the other day. She’s a creative artist who has coupled lace crochet work in a polygamous with metal and vintage buttons resulting in some of the most beautiful jewelry I have seen in a long time. The […]


Meet Charlotte Nadig…

… And her lovely spinner’s flock! It was an odd chain of events that lead to this interview which warrants a little back story: My friend Kelly and I were at the Yarn Exchange talking about random this and thats when she told me she had seen all these lovely […]


deface Reconstruct : an interview with Beth Wolden

I met Beth about a year ago at the local yarn shop where I worked, she was always wearing these fabulous knit dresses and wonderfully creative clothes. We always got on well, but it wasn’t until Earth Day when I saw her booth at the Earth Day festival on campus […]


Artist Profile: Mitch and Susan Fox!

I found this lovely pair of artist’s shop while cruising around etsy. After reading the shop profile so many questions filled my head! First off the work is amazing, and the back story turned out to be just as interesting. You can check out their shop and all of their […]