Catching the Coupon Bug + Making a Coupon Organizer


Coupon Capers = Organizing all those Clippings!

I have a lot of issues with coupons. Mainly I forget I have them, forget them at home and buy X without them, buy random things I don’t need just because “I have a coupon for it! what a deal!”

From what I’ve read, the best way to sale shop/buy with coupons is:

1. Clip it when you get it – there is nothing worse to having to sort through a pile of newspapers/ads/print outs everytime you head to the store.

2. Think about it before you cut – is it something you would normally buy? is it really saving you money? – like .75 off granola bars at hy vee is still more expensive than buying them in bulk at Sam’s Club. Clipping when you get things in allows you to be more discressionary about your usage than if you are carrying your ad around the store with you.

3. Double up! – when ever possible double up savings. If your store let’s you – double up those coupons. Use the store coupon and the manufacturer’s coupon when ever possible too – earn points on your card on top of that to get some cashback later through them.

4. Organize – some people put their coupons in a shoe box with dividers or a recipe box works well too. I like the binder method personally. Divide up your coupons in a way that makes sense to you and your purchasing pattern.

Coupon Catcher


1 binder – I used an old Avon binder
5″ X 7″ envelopes – or if using a larger binder 8″ X 10″ envelopes
hot glue gun
scrap paper

The first step is to decorate your binder in a way that you like. I’m not sure why, but this always just makes me feel more likely to use it as planned if it’s jazzed up. I just used some fabric, paper bags, and paint to fix mine up. The write bike pattern has step by step instructions for covering your binder this way.


Then take out as many envelopes as you have categories and label each one. Oh you know, clear sleeves would be really great for this – some people even use base ball card holders. I didn’t have any though, so some envelopes I have had forever and never used it is.

I divided my categories as follows:
Canned Goods
Boxed Goods
Bath & Beauty
Household Misc


Match up where your holes should be and punch holes in each envelope. I am using envelopes that have the little metal tabs on them, so I can close them and reopen them no problem, but even without that if you fold the flap of the envelope into the envelope you should be okay.


Put all your envelopes into the binder and get ready to save some money!

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So why did I catch the coupon bug so bad this month? You can read more about that on Kro Studio. I didn’t want to bog down CL with all the nitty gritties of financial garbage. To sum up though Jason and I are cutting our budget in half for groceries, eating out, and home expenses (bath and beauty and cleaning and pets). Down to $600 for a 6 month stretch actually. We are doing this because we are both pretty passionate about getting out of debt as soon as possible and also just what’s the point of spending that much on food? not much of one. I’ll be posting more about our $600=6 months of expenses project on Thrift Kitchen so you can check in there for regular updates/tips/ideas/recipes related to that project.

See you soon! Happy Crafting!


3 thoughts on “Catching the Coupon Bug + Making a Coupon Organizer

  1. Kristin, what a great project! I am going to try this. I agree that with the economy like it is, coupons help a lot with saving on the rising cost of groceries. Your notebook is really unique. I can’t wait to try this!

    Also i have a weakness for journals, sketchbooks, notebooks…(grin)
    Thank you for sharing this pattern and the coupon links. :)

  2. That’s really brilliant. I have coupons falling out of my purse continually, never would I have come up with a coupon organizer on my own even though it is the one thing I need the most. Thanks, new project moved to the top of my list!

  3. HI Kristin,
    Great idea! I think my daughter and I will make them today. I will use mine for receipts. I have a terrible filing system, and this makes complete sense to me. I think Lucy will use her for all of her stories, and each envelope will be a chapter filled with 7 year old’s stuff.

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