January Craft Leftovers Monthly Preview


Last month a strange thing happened at the printers and although I’m still not sure how it happened, I ended up with 60 extra copies of the Holiday issue. So I put it up in the shop for the first time by itself. It did really well! I enjoyed selling them throughout the month and so, I’m going to go ahead and print some extra copies and offer the January issue in the shop as well. The Holiday issue will continue to be on sale until after Christmas. Would you like me to offer some zine only subscriptions? Like for three months to start and then maybe 6 months if you would like?


There is another change to the subscription. I’ve decided to make a pretty significant change actually. The Craft Leftovers Monthly subscription will be a zine and kit of the month bundle only from now on. There are several reasons, and I feel that you will approve of them.


I put together some bundles for the Sampler last month, just the kit and the zine bundled together with some leftover yarn and it was really cute, cheap to send, and I loved it! It was just so adorable and concise. No new fabric in there or excess, just the core thing, the kit and the zine. I’m very much so for refining ideas and everyone I have talked to has said “Oh I love that idea, that makes so much more sense and is more in line with the Craft Leftovers Mission!”

Then there is the issue of the economy. It’s just rough times for all of us right now and I want to make it more affordable. Cutting the fabric and other extras as a standard will allow me to drop the price significantly, both the price and the shipping (the fabric weighs the most). Making it more affordable for you and me.

Now this doesn’t mean that when I come across an amazing garage sale find of buttons or fabric or both I won’t just slip them in from time to time as a little added bonus! Because of course I will! It just won’t happen every month.


If you have a three month subscription, you will continue to get the full subscription until the next time you renew at the new lowered price, there won’t be any kind of change or interruption in your subscription at all.


This month is going to be a really great issue with a super fun kit. I’m going to have the Love Bug Clutch pattern as the kit with the cutest vintage and stash fabric out there.

The zine is packed with inspirations, recipes, ideas, and projects for keeping the indoors enjoyable and the outdoors too! Keeping warm is definitely part of the equation.

I can’t believe it’s already time to put it in the shop again! It will be going on sale this sunday morning! I’ll post more previews and updates as the week continues.

See you all tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “January Craft Leftovers Monthly Preview

  1. I think this is a great idea on many levels. The zine and the kit are the two elements of CL that I look forward to the most each time. This will cut down on your assembly-time, too. And I think a zine-only sub is a super idea as well. Your zine is super-awesome! And now, you could even sell it through distros!

  2. Kristin, I love your doodles! What a fun way to get a sneak peek at what’s coming up. I like your new idea for the CLM too. I might even have to finally break down and order one myself!


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