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I love my coffee first thing in the morning. And I love my second cup just as much… except by the time I get to it, it’s already cold. A cozy is so in order! Order up!

+ 20g worsted yarn; color A
+ 10g worsted yarn; color B
+ 10g worsted yarn; color C
+ Crochet Hook; size D
+ 4 buttons; 3/8inch
+ Yarn needle

Gauge is 4sc/4 rows = 1 inch

The Best Part of Waking Up


Foundation: Chain 45

Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook, counts as first single crochet. Single crochet in each chain stitch to end. Turn.

All Rows: Ch 1, counts as first single crochet, single crochet in each single crochet to end. Turn.

Change colors according to striping pattern. Do not break yarn at end of last row.

Striping Pattern

Row 1-8: Color A

Row 9-12: Color B

Row 13: Color C

Row 14-15: Color A

Row 16-17: Color B

Row 18: Color C

Row 19-20: Color A

Row 21-22: Color B

Row 23: Color C

Row 24-27: Color A

Work down right side of panel; [Ch1, sc into every other row to the end of the edge; sc3 into the corner stitch. Sc1 into each sc stitch along foundation edge to the end of the side, sc3 into the corner stitch. Sc1 into every other row to the end of the edge, sc3 into the corner stitch, sl stitch into the first st of last row.  Weave in all ends.

Make chain stitch loops. (chain 10, sl st to base, weave in end). Adjust placement to match your french press. You want to have two under the handle and one above and one below.

Match buttons to loops and sew on.

If you would like to have the pattern as a pdf:


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  1. PERFECT! Crochet a cozy for my french press is the number four project on my October craft list. Now that I have a pattern, I have no excuses. This is great, thanks so much! I’ll be linking as well.

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