Apartment Redress: Basket color up, what color?

Jason and I are always loosing our keys/phones/wallets/etc, we needed a solution. A key basket right by the front door was the perfect solution. The only problem is that it’s a little tacky. It looks okay, but is a little too… um… pink pastel for my liking. I was thinking an easy solution would be to just spray paint it, but now I’m facing the question of what color? That always trips me up. It hangs on the coat hooks right next to the door, so I don’t want it to be too crazy. We have these colors to choose from:


I was kind of leaning towards that pale blue in the back or the yellow, or maybe the red with a coat of yellow over it… like a reddish orange? It’s cheap paint so it’s pretty translucent. 

Here is a bad low light picture of the basket set up:


So what do you think? What color?

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