Free Tutorial: Make Your Own Pendant Necklace

DSC_0050Last week I showed you my favorite way to make pendants {link} and today I’m going to show you how string it up into a necklace using a fisherman’s daughter’s knot! I love necklaces like this and you can use this method for anything with a hole in it. Many found objects will work and vintage pendants too!

First, you fold a length of cord in half. I used waxed linen here because it’s easier to see what’s going on because it will stay stiff. Leather thonging or hemp works great too. Insert the folded end into the pendant’s hole, open up the end a bit, then pull the two ends through as shown:


Now you have your pendant nicely attached. 


Take one end of the cording and fold over by about 2 inches. 


Tie a simple knot about 3/8″ from the end. 


And here is the fisherman’s daughter’s knot {basically, this is how I remember doing a fisherman’s knot while fishing with my dad as a kiddo, but I’m not positive, it works perfectly though!} Twist the short cord end three times around the long cord. Make sure to twist it about 1/4″ away from the knot. 


Slip the short end through the split right by the knot. 


And pull the short end so the twist slides down and piles on top of the knot. Trim the end and you are finished making the loop end of your clasp. 


Slide a larger bead onto the other cord end so it is even with the loop. 


Work a simple knot around the bead.


Make another fisherman’s knot and trim the ends sticking out. 


And that’s it, you are all finished. Now it’s time to use up the rest of those pendants I made last week. 





6 thoughts on “Free Tutorial: Make Your Own Pendant Necklace

  1. My youngest son is all about making pendants. For a boy, I do a similar knot *around* the cording on both sides. This allows the length to be adjustable (Boys don’t like their pendants dangling too much ya know ;-)) and yet allow it to loosen to get over their heads.

    I am so going to borrow the clay pendant idea for his next party. I think they would make ideal stamped skulls in white with a little brownish black rubbed on to highlight the details.

  2. Thanks so much for this great tutorial! I have some ceramic beads that I’d like to try this stringing method on. :)

  3. I love how you finish it with the bead, that’s such a nice touch and makes it easy to get on and off. Great project! I’ll be linking.

    1. Thanks! It is such an instant gratification project. I have made more than likely too many :) Nah! Just one for each day of the week. Maybe I should start adding some to the shop. What do you guys think?

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