In the Shop: More Stash Yarn and September Craft Leftovers Monthly

Part of organizing and using up my stash of yarn is to pass some of it on. The yarn is priced around a cup of coffee, a latte, a cello lesson, or somewhere in between. I don’t want much for my stash yarn, just take me out for a cup of coffee or pay for a cello lesson. Check out the Stash section of the shop for all the yarn I’m destashing.

I’m also interested in swapping anything in the stash section. I’m interested in zines, prints, and vintage housewares. I’m pretty much game for most things that aren’t craft supplies. I do not want more yarn and fabric. Maybe buttons. Yes. I will swap yarn for buttons.

September Craft Leftovers Monthly

This is such a freaking fun issue. I love all things small, so I had a great time putting together this issue with a bunch of fun small projects in it. Claire Chambers of Absolutely Small contributed a super cute tutorial for a fabric banner. Su Mwamba contributed a rug pattern for a Borrower. And in this issue only, there is a mini version of itself where you can actually cut out and put together a super cute mini issue of clm. You can pick up the September issue in the CL Shop and on Etsy.

CLM Subscriptions

After a lot of thought, number crunching, and beating my head, I’ve made the decision to no longer offer subscriptions for Craft Leftovers Monthly.  It basically comes down to two things–flexibility and not enough sales. I just haven’t been selling a lot of subscriptions over the last few months, which is a-okay. Heck, it’s actually less work to just sell them month to month.  If you have a subscription, no worries at all. Not a thing changes, you will still get every issue remaining in your subscription, and if you sign up for the cl newsletter, you will get a monthly update when it goes into the shop.

And that is all the craft business news for today. Fun knitting stuff coming up on Friday!

Happy crafting!