Knit Pattern: Stripy Fun Time!

Don’t you love it when you have a favorite card game? It’s you can’t get enough of it. Every time you and your friends get together, one of you pulls out a worn box and starts dealing out the deck. I do. And I don’t. After awhile that super-worn box for your cards starts really falling apart and those precious cards start slipping out.

Well, for my favorite “flavor of the day” game, I opted to knit my own little holder for them. I want to keep them all nice and cozied up together. You can hold all sorts of thing in this handy little card deck “box”–craft things of course and other game things too. (Yahtzee maybe?) Heck, looking at it, I think it would be great to fill with papers, slip a pen into it, and carry it around as a note/sketch/writing set. Excellent.

The Stripy Fun Time Knit “Box”

Materials Needed:

  • 5 colors totaling 25 grams, worsted cotton like peaches n’ creme

  • Size 5.5mm double pointed needles, set of 5.

  • Needle and thread.

  • Yarn needle

  • 1/2″ wide elastic


Cast on 18 stitches using the cable cast on.

Knit 6 rows.

Pick up and knit
4 stitches on the side of the work, pick up and knit 18 stitches along the cast on edge, knit 4 stitches on the side of the work. Turn.

Round 1:
Knit to end of the work, join in the round and place marker after the first stitch on the first needle to keep track of your beginning point.

::Knit all rows, directions are for striping pattern::

Rnd 2-12: gray

Rnd 13 & 14: bright green

Rnd 15: gray

Rnd 16 & 17: blue

Rnd 18 & 19: light green

Rnd 20: gray

Rnd 21: pink

Rnd 22 & 23:

Rnd 24-32: bright green

Rnd 33: Bind off 26 sts, knit to end.


Using 2 needles, work 6 rows stockinette stitch, ending with a knit row.

Purl to end, pick up and purl 4 stitches, turn.

Knit to end, pick up and knit 4 stitches–26sts now on the needles.

Work stockinette stitch for 8 rows.

Work one row reverse stockinette stitch.

Work stockinette stitch for 6 more rows.

BO all stitches.

Stitch it Together

Cut a piece of 1/2″ elastic 1/2″ shorter than the length of your bind off edge.

Stitch it to the sides, about 1″ from the top.

Flip the elastic over the top, turn the knit flap at the reverse stockinette stitch row and stitch the bind off row to the reverse stockinette side of the flap so the elastic is in-cased in it.

Flip the flap back over the top.

Stitch the sides of the flap down so the elastic won’t scrunch up.

Happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “Knit Pattern: Stripy Fun Time!

  1. This is great, Kristin! I have never seen a knitted cozy for a deck of cards before. I am making this. Thank you for the pattern. :)

  2. Much cuter than our plastic box stuffed with Munchkin cards! I'll be linking to this.

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