Mini Grandma Sew Box

A few weeks ago I posted about finding the sewing boxes my great grandma liked to make. They were tucked away in the garage in a box and it was pure treasure when I found them again. After looking at the whole set, the random colors and the pin cushion also made up of little bitsI decided that using up leftovers must be in the blood. Maybe it was something my grandma instilled in my as a small child.

In tribute to my grandma and my great grandma, I made a mini sew box with a mini pin cushion. I wanted something to put in my mending basket – Friday is now my mending day officially – and this is just the thing. You can make the mini sew box and pin cushion in just a few evenings of crafting.


Enjoy the newly formatted, updated, and ad-free printer/screen friendly PDF in the CL Shop or on Etsy. Read about the pattern recovery project here

Material List

  • 10 Count plastic canvas:
  • Cut 4 – 20 X 15
  • Cut 4 – 21 X 4
  • Cut 1 – 20 X 20
  • Cut 1 – 21 X 21
  • Worsted Weight Yarn, 20 yards Color A
  • Worsted Weight Yarn, 10 yards Color B
  • 1 yard embroidery floss color A
  • 1 yard embroidery floss color B
  • Embroidery Needle


  • Long Stitch
  • Cross Stitch
  • Continental Stitch
  • Whip Stitch

Not sure what those are? I really liked this write up about plastic canvas stitches over on — in addition to diagrams, they show finished works using the stitches too. Love that!


  1. With color A, fill in cut pieces 1 and 3 using chart 1.
  2. With color B, fill in cut pieces 2 using chart 1.
  3. With color B, fill in cut piece 4 using chart 2 – chart worked in color A, fill with  color B.
  4. Attach piece 3 (bottom) to pieces 1 (bottom sides) to create the bottom of the box.
  5. Attach piece 4 (top) to 2 (top sides) to create the lid of the box.
Embroidery Chart for Plastic Canvas
embroidery chart of SEW and Thread Spool Drawing
Long Stitch Chart
embroidery chart showing long stitch

Enjoy the newly formatted, updated, and ad-free printer/screen friendly PDF in the CL Shop or on Etsy.

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Until next time!

Kristin M Roach

9 thoughts on “Mini Grandma Sew Box

  1. This is so cute my son and daughter have been begging me to start teaching them to sew my little girl is only 6 1/2 so plastic canvas will be a great place to start learning the basics of hand sewing.

    Thank you

  2. That is so cute! I was soooo into plastic canvas when I was little. I had a plastic canvas doll house furniture book for Barbie sized dolls and I must have made everything in it. So much fun! I’ll be linking to this.

    1. I have been thinking so a lot about doll houses lately and was pleasantly surprised at how many pc patterns there are out there for dressers and things. I might just have to make a few. I’ve become a little obsessed with playing lately and a doll house I think is next on the list. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it!

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