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Mend it Better: Coming Soon!

I didn’t even know it, but my book is officially up on Storey’s site as “coming soon!” as of last week. Thanks to @staciemakedo who clued me in to this exciting news. Here is the run down on the book according to their site. Those marketing folks at Storey sure […]

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Mini Grandma Sew Box


In tribute to my grandma and my great grandma, I made a mini sew box with a mini pin cushion. I wanted something to put in my mending basket – Friday is now my mending day officially – and this is just the thing. You can make the mini sew box and pin cushion in just a few evenings of crafting.


Shoe Sensations :: Fixing Button Holes

I’ve had a hard time with shoes because while I don’t like them to be complete plastic, I’m excessively allergic to leather of any kind when it comes to my feet. It’s really bad and I’m not going to share with you a gross foot story. it’s not fun. Enough […]

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Mending On the Go Kit :: Free Sewing Pattern

DSC_0058 “Crap!” And there goes my button. Now only if I had a little pocket kit to carry in my bag so I could quickly attach it before it goes missing. And what about those times you snag your favorite skirt while on vacation? What’s one to do? Well, mending on the go maybe isn’t ideal, but with this little kit you sure can make it a lot easier. Everything right where it needs to be just when you need it. Even some fabric for patches in a pinch and replacement buttons when you can’t find the one you’ve lost.


Craftzine Mending Month!

Being that I am all about mending and using what you have on hand for as long as you can, I was really excited about CraftZine’s March Mending Month. I know after a long winter of hard use a lot of my winter clothes need some repairs before putting them […]