Origami Ornament Day

The weekend was ripe with potential. And then I got laid out flat with some kind of cold/sinus/fall muck. So I decided to spend Saturday and Sunday playing around with paper and trying to figure out which origami ornament would be the one I make for all my friends and family for Christmas.

YouTube and a stack of misprints got me started. I really enjoyed how easy this star was to make.

After the first few hours, I was the only one being entertained by folding paper.

And then I started a more complex shape. Making this beast got me through the rest of my weekend illness. Getting sick on the weekend is the worst. Now that I work outside of the home again, weekends are a treasure. And to just get sick. Annnnnoying.

I started to putter out, but Gregory was like “get back to work and get-er-done!”

I got half way finished and I realized I had actually only folded 15 of the 30 moduals. Lame. Back to folding! But I finally finished. About 6+ hours total on this babe.

It’s lovely and I enjoyed the challenge of making it, but unfortunately there’s not enough time between now and Christmas to make 10 of them. So back to the drawing board for me. I may use the star pattern, but I want to try it with quite a few different paper and variations.

What ornaments are you making for your family and friends? Leave a link to the project/pattern in the comments!

Happy Crafting!
Kristin M Roach

2 thoughts on “Origami Ornament Day

  1. Wow, thats fab, looks a bit too complex for me tho. Well done you! Hope you are feeling better (think Ive got a dose of it as well).

  2. I had a couple different plans for cross-stitch ornaments but ditched them for some origami instead. I picked the Robin Star because it’s relatively simple to fold and assemble and easy to mail. Yesterday I picked up a pack of 7.5 cm foil paper for all my folding needs.


    I’m curious to try out some of the more complicated pieces you’ve completed. Maybe once all the other ornaments are folded.

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