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Meal Plan: Mapping out a week of delish

Sunday nights find me nestled between stacks of my favorite cooking magazines and books. Pen and paper ready I delve through to find that just so perfect dish to try. Some weeks I’m ambitious and try out a new recipe for every meal. Other weeks find me a bit more […]

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Origami Ornament Day

The weekend was ripe with potential. And then I got laid out flat with some kind of cold/sinus/fall muck. So I decided to spend Saturday and Sunday playing around with paper and trying to figure out which origami ornament would be the one I make for all my friends and […]

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Fall Decor Ideas

I’ve been wanting to spruce up the house and instead of doing a 100% halloween makeover, I’d like to do more of an autumn flavor.

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Six ways to DIY your July 4th Celebrations!

Usually I’m not one to get all festive for the forth, but I started seeing all these super cute ideas in my blog feed and it’s really got me in the mood for fireworks, lemonade and those amazing ice cream sandwiches. I may just even do a picnic with Jason […]

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Holiday Baking Making Plans

Okay family and friends out there reading this post, avert your eyes. This is a complete spoiler alert, so go away, skip to a different post. Starting last year I opted to make gift baskets up for my family and friends instead of trying to puzzle out individual gifts for […]

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Thrift Kitchen: It’s a wrap!

My favorite way to reinvent leftovers is to literally wrap it up. We always have flour tortillas on hand for this very reason. Add to the torilla a little hummus or dijon mustard or dash of olive oil + some mixed greens or chopped spinach + your favorite cheese (feta, […]