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Weeknight Organizing Dilemma: Spice Stash!

I love shopping in the bulk bins at my local co-op. And buying big bags of spices from the asian food store down the block from my house. And from the farmer’s market. And pretty much anything that smells neat or is called for in a recipe.

The only problem is, it becomes quite the snarl. I can’t justify going out and buying 100 cute little jars. Nor do I have the space to put all those jars. So what to do? How do I tidy them up in a way I can easily access them?

It’s a lame solution, but it works. I used food storage bags. I know I know, tacky. And the smells will infuse the other smells. But it has to be better than the bulk bin bags, which were leaking everywhere and making a huge mess.

I filled the bags, cut the labels off the packages that had labels, and taped them to the bags with packaging tape.

Or just sharpied it. You know, whatever. And then I just piled them into a basket. Now anytime I need something I just grab the basket off the shelf and use what I need and then put it back.

It’s not the sexiest solution. But my spices are safe. Easy to access. Out of the light. And don’t take up much space at all.

But hopefully this is only temporary. Do any of you have some kind of brilliant solution that’s cheap, easy, and space conscious. Any ideas? How do you store your bulk spices?

Happy Crafting!
Kristin Roach