Out and About Headwrap :: Free Sewing Quicky


Clocking it at under 30 minutes even with a load of sewing issues (on my end, not the machine), this is the perfect little pattern to give you some instant gratification.
I have been wearing around this head wrap I picked up at a thrift store all summer and every time I do Jason comments on how cute I look, which makes me think the head wrap is adding to the cuteness.¬†Well, bright neon orange doesn’t match everything I wear, although that would be fun if it did, so I decided to make some more. I really like the size and shape of this head wrap because it ties so well in the back. You can also wear it flat, like so:


Or you can wear it folded in fourths, like so:


I tend to wear it like the second option, but the first option is great for in the garden days when it’s sunny out.


I was going to write this up into a full on pattern, but then decided that I loved the short and sweetness of it and would keep the pattern that way too. The template would have taken 4 sheets of paper and seeing how it’s just a rectangle with 45 degree angles at each end, it just seemed excessive.

And with that, have a happy weekend of crafting.

::Kristin Roach::


2 thoughts on “Out and About Headwrap :: Free Sewing Quicky

  1. Aww, it is cute and you look cute in it. Throw in the kitty and its the Cuteness Trifecta has been achieved. =) Thanks for the how-to, I love wraps year round! I’ll be linking as well.

  2. This is really cute! I always have trouble getting headbands and things to stay on my head! I’m going to have to try making this.

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