Apartment Redress::Studio Curtains Part III:: Finished!

DSC_0107 All finished! Today I went to the hardware store and picked up a curtain rod and something to hang the curtain with. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, some simple metal shower curtain hooks, but then I got to the “curtain isle” and holy moly what a selection. I found this really great O-ring and clip hooks that were just perfect. I think they were called “Cafe Clasp Hangers”. Anyway, for only a few extra dollars I thought it would be worth it because then I wouldn’t have to put in eyelets – making the fabric easy to re-purpose + I also wouldn’t have to measure out the place for the holes, make them in the wrong place, then decide whether it was so bad I had to redo it or could live with it. Well, it turned out great. I love them!


Open – check out that view!


Shut. They are shut now that’s dark, but I have the window open and it’s so nice. I want to make more for the living room and bedroom. I think that would be nice. For another post though, I have two things I want to get to first. All together it took about 3 hours if not less from start to finish. And the rod and the hooks cost just $12. And I used up about 2 yards of fabric from my stash – excellent!

Do you want me to write up a quick tutorial on how I made these curtains? Like how to measure your window and make your own? Or is it so straight forward you can manage?

Next week I want to do one of two things for the re-dress project.

  • One is some stencils of kitchen stuff to use on ceramic tiles that I can hang over the kitchen sink (stencils would available as a pdf for you to use too).
  • The other is how to rewire/put in sockets for vintage lamps (or new lamps). I have two really cute lamps that just don’t light up any more. I would love to be able to use one in the bedroom and the other in the kitchen. Jason said he would help me with the tutorial, so I’m kind of excited about that.

What do you think? Well, I have a cute little sewn pattern for tomorrow, so I will see you then!

Happy Crafting!

6 thoughts on “Apartment Redress::Studio Curtains Part III:: Finished!

  1. Love the curtains! Soon I will be moving to my first house I can’t wait to dust off my machine and whip up some curtains. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. So cute! Would love a tutorial…I bought some fabric to do this in my kitchen but I haven’t figured out the measurements/how to do it yet. Thanks! =)

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