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How To: Craft Stamped Thank you Cards

Thanks you Little Leftovers Note Cards

The littlest of leftovers are often the hardest to work with. What do you do with one foot of yarn? A single lone button? Well, I came across these two fun ideas and decided to join them together to make my own leftovers project that uses up those littlest of bits.

I still owe some family members thank you cards from my birthday in April so these will be going into the mail as soon as this post is up!

Make your stamps

What you’ll need:

First make your stamps. I got this idea from elsewhere, no, I’m not that brilliant, so go check it out at the source: making button stamps on Martha Stewart and making yarn stamps on PrintPattern – oh my, I do want the Print Workshop book so bad!

Here’s the quick and easy photo run through of how I made the stamps:

Make your cards

This is easy, fold any old piece of paper in half, cut it to a rectangle:

And write your notes.

And done! How fun is that! I love making stamps from little bits. It has me thinking, what other leftovers should I make into stamps?

Happy crafting!