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Renewing the Thrift Kitchen

In the beginning, Thrift Kitchen started out as its own separate blog. I realized pretty quickly that a lot of the people who were reading Thrift Kitchen we also reading Craft Leftovers. And I also realized that posting about home-y stuff once a week was really all I wanted to […]

thrift kitchen

Thrift Kitchen: 7 Steps to Keeping the Fridge Clean

fridgecleaning 001

Now that I’m out of “half past overwhelmed” mode, I’m getting back to my weekly routine of cleaning out the fridge, finishing off any leftovers, and making up my grocery list. What I did with the fridge was the first step. Once you deep clean it, a weekly trash and swipe down will keep it clean for a very long time.

thrift kitchen

Thrift Kitchen: Spinach Lasagna Done Right

Over the course of my life I have tried many lasagna recipes. Think of Garfield the cat’s love of lasagna, that’s me. Ever since I was a kid. And spinach lasagna is my favorite. A few weeks ago I finally tried my hand at my own recipe for lasagna. You […]

thrift kitchen

Thrift Kitchen: Favorite White Bread!

I remember getting fresh baked bread from the bakery with my mom as a special treat. She loved it and would savor every nibble. I also remember one Christmas my mom baking what seemed like 2 dozen loaves of knotted bread for presents. Homemade bread has always been a special […]

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Pesto Pleasures

I went through two book shelves this week (very hard work for me) and found a box of books I know I will never read. And I did something for the first time – I took them to FireHouse books and exchanged them for $12 in store credit, which I […]


ReDress :: Kitchen Stencil Color Spash Part II

Living in an apartment can be pretty frustrating sometimes, mainly for those surface comforts. Beige. Loads of Beige. This project is for brightening up the kitchen a bit with a steam/splatter safe artwork. I’m going to pick out 4 brightly colored tiles and figure out the mounting system this week, […]


Apartment ReDress::Kitchen Tile

Our Kitchen is pretty dull looking, from the floor to cabinets to to the ceiling. Dull. Straight up. There are some nice places to hang things, but I really don’t want to put anything paper or painting there. Or matted even because of the steam. You see there is this […]


Apartment Redress::Studio Curtains Part III:: Finished!

All finished! Today I went to the hardware store and picked up a curtain rod and something to hang the curtain with. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, some simple metal shower curtain hooks, but then I got to the “curtain isle” and holy moly what a selection. […]

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A Walk in the Park Apron

A Walk in the Park

This apron sure is a walk in the park to make. It’s so fast and easy to whip up in an evening or morning, or afternoon for that matter. Use a pattered fabric for your main piece. Something kind of darker and kind of “filled” works well to hide stains and smudges from cooking. I’m always wiping my hands on the sides of my pants because I’m used to wearing my studio apron just about all the time. I made this apron a bit more wrap aroundish for that reason.