Mr Stub’s Pencil Pouch: Free Sewing Pattern

I have a very bad habit of loving new pencils. When my pencils start to get short and stubby, they tend to get forgotten in the bottom of my art box. Well no more. I made this cute little pouch just for my short pencils. Now I’ll slip them all in there and make sure to use them up before digging into my new pencil stash! With a bag this cute, how could I not grab it first?



The really cool thing is that you can fold down the top to make it hold your pencils at the ready. I didn’t realize this until after I had made it. Next time I’ll pay more attention to my inside stitching.

Here is how you make it:

Mr Stubs Pencil Pouch


9 thoughts on “Mr Stub’s Pencil Pouch: Free Sewing Pattern

  1. i really love this pencil pouch!!! its perfect for my 12 year old. thanks for posting this <3

  2. I have a buttload of markers and pencils that I need to make a pouch for, so how can I make this bigger? -isstupidatmath-

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