Candy Corn = nom nom nom!


Okay, I just had to get that out of my system. Jason and I LOVE candy corn. But, it’s, well, a teeth rotter. Each year we get ONE bag and that’s it. Which is hard because it’s not one of those gallon sized bags. It’s one of the 6oz ones. And we enjoy it!

I had the idea that maybe we could make some (4), do a just as bad, but hilariously cute version (6), maybe a shake (1), or just as decoration –which could be a bad idea because it will just get eaten and look silly (2), adding it with popcorn could extend it’s munch-ability(3), or I could just knit some and keep it around as a little buddy on my desk (5).

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Everyone has their own favorite halloween candy/thing, what’s your’s?

Happy Crafting (and munching)!
Kristin M Roach