DIY Plant Markers

I like it best when round ups are arranged around a theme, so I’ve decided that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

And today, Plant Markers Tutorials is it!

I’ve been in need of plant markers for not just the herb garden, but all my veggies too. I’m always forgetting what went where. Is that parsley or cilantro? Is that tarragon sprouting or a weed? Hmm. Age old questions. So after combing the internet, here are my favorites. I love the Gnome sticks and the use of polymer clay is inspiring.

I also have this hair brained idea about using tin cans and nails… but I couldn’t find anything I liked in that genre so some experimenting is in order! I’ll show you my results on Thursday.

 1. Rustic French on Studio G Blog

 2. Laminated Photography on Adas Interior Design

 3. Stitched Polymer Clay on Red Red Completely Red

 4. Polymer Clay and Wire on Reese Dixon

 5. Painted Popsicle Sticks on Plowing Forward

 6. Shrinky Dink on Civic Stitchings

 7. Painted Stick Gnome on Swallows Heart

 8. Polymer Clay Cookie Cutter Animals on Say Yes to Hoboken

 9. Ceramic Markers on Rocks on By Wilma

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Happy Crafting!
Kristin M Roach

2 thoughts on “DIY Plant Markers

  1. What a lovely surprise Kristin to see my DIY featured. Glad u loved it. Thanks for the feature! 

  2. I concur with Ada!  And excited to learn about your blog!  Thanks for sharing!

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