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Candy Corn = nom nom nom!

CANDY CORNNNNN NOM NOM NOM NOM Okay, I just had to get that out of my system. Jason and I LOVE candy corn. But, it’s, well, a teeth rotter. Each year we get ONE bag and that’s it. Which is hard because it’s not one of those gallon sized bags. […]

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How to: Make a Replacement Pet Bed Filler

When we got Jak last month, I thought I was being oh so smart by getting a dog bed with a removable cover. The theory was that I could just take off the cover, give it a wash, and be good to go again. Well, that’s true except in the case of accidents where the whole thing gets soaked through. Next time I’ll make sure to get a cover that’s water proof as well as removable. Ah well. Hopefully we have dealt with the last of the pee issues.

Time to pull out the sewing machine and make my own. It was surprisingly easy, so I thought I would share this with you, just in case you have a pet with a bed that needs a new inside.

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Making Fancy Yogurt on the Cheap

Two things recently happened that lead to me giving yogurt making another try. First, my dear Yankee friend Unplugged yogurt making with this great post on the process–no fancy equipment here. Second, I bought a dehydrator to make our own camping food. It came with instructions for making yogurt and a few dishes specifically for yogurt. How could I not try again? What happened the first time? Well, too hot, then too cold and that pretty much tells the story.

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Thrift Kitchen: Naked Burritos

Have you been to Pancheros or Qdoba? Have you tried their naked burritos? They are delicious! After going and spending $6 to get rice, beans, and what looked like what I usually have hanging out in my fridge from dinner the night before, I opted to stop “treating” myself to lunch there, and packing it for lunch instead.

Here’s how I generally make mine. You can vary it a lot. Mostly it depend what I have on hand – what came from the garden, the farmer’s market, what I made for dinner the night before. On nights we go out for wings, the next day I toss the leftovers in. Today’s version is a vegetarian naked burrito.

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Thrift Kitchen: Homemade Pizza Adventures

My sister rocks. She sent me a great two part gift: the most excellent pizza cookbook Pizza: More than 60 Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pizza, accompanied by my very own pizza stone, pizza cutter, and wood paddle set. I got it into my head to have a pizza making party last weekend, but then had too much work! So I had a mountain of pizza toppings, but no people to eat it and no dough to use them with.