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Book Review: Crochet Master Class

Every Thursday I make my way to the local library to peruse the books on my current topic of interest (lately herbalism, greyhound adoption, and botanical illustration) as well as check out the newest craft books (which is usually quite a few because the circulation manager happens to be a […]

book review

Bookish Monday: Feeding My Book Habit

It was too much for one post, so I broke my bookish happiness into two. Part 1 was how to make time, part 2 is about affording it.

When I really get in a reading mood, I can blaze through a book or two a week. At $10-15 each, books can add up. Honestly, that’s just not an option. Here is how I keep my hunger for books fed and affordable:

book review

This Week at the Library :: Embroidery!

I told you, oh, last week, that I would post the other set of books that I fell in love with at the library. It’s taken me longer than I thought – but only because I had other fun things to tell you about – but finally, as the last […]

book review

This Week at the Library!

Well, in all honesty it was last week that I picked these books up. I’ve decided to break it up into two groups this week as I found quite a few winner and they are in two distinct categories. We will start out today with dyeing and then I’ll show […]

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This Week at the Library

I work just a block away from the library, so I go there pretty often. I shuffle through craft books pretty quickly, about 10 or so a week. I pick up 4, return 3, that sort of thing. So I decided that I should show you my favorites and that […]