Make Along: Whip that WIP Challenge + Prize!

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We all have projects laying around the house that could easily be finished in a week or so if we would just dedicate ourselves to them. I know I have a whole box!

I’m challenging myself and YOU to go grab your unfinished thing-a-ma-jig, be it sewn, stitched, crocheted, knit, or whatever. You know the project. And finish it! You want to see it done but are having motivational issues. Go grab and get to work. We have two weeks. Here’s what I’m setting my sights on. Scroll to the bottom of the post for details on the Prize!

My WIP: The Box Elder Scarf

Two weeks ago I told you how Bob decided my knitting was his chew toy. I’ve been working on this particular scarf since last fall and I really wanted to have it done by last winter, but now I just want to get it done by the end of this month.

After Bob got ahold of it, I was honestly thinking about throwing the whole thing into the trash bin! It was such a snarl. I’m glad I didn’t because, once the needles were replaced, it was some pretty short work rewinding most of the yarn. I say most because there were some casualties.

I really love this scarf pattern because it’s one of those looks more complex than it is to knit ones. The reverse stockinette stripes give it some nice texture and adds to the illusion of complexity. Once you get going, you don’t even need the pattern and it becomes one of those delightful knit knit knit…. purl.

If you don’t have a WIP to work on, knit-along with me and make this scarf! the pattern is in issue 3.5 of the Craft Leftovers Zine. Get the pattern here, add it to your ravelry notebook!

Whip that WIP Challenge

The end of this challenge will be right around the time the new issue of the Craft Leftovers Zine will be released, so make along with me for your chance to win a free copy of the print zine!

There are three ways you can enter-to-win:

That’s it! Just tell me a story or show me some pictures!

Make sure to pick a project that you can finish by the deadline. If you just cast-on for a sweater, that may not be the one. If on the other hand you need to finish the button band and weave in the ends, that would be perfect!


Now, if you need an extra boost to your finishing motivation, join me in the Google+ Discussion to hear all the stories of our WIPs and see my progress on the scarf.


Happy Crafting!

Kristin M Roach


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