Mend it Better: Coming Soon!

I didn’t even know it, but my book is officially up on Storey’s site as “coming soon!” as of last week. Thanks to @staciemakedo who clued me in to this exciting news.

Here is the run down on the book according to their site. Those marketing folks at Storey sure now how to make a book sound as great as it.

Welcome to the new face of mending! Learn how to use traditional mending techniques to make worn clothing not just wearable, but better than ever. Don’t hide patches — make them into bold, beautiful embellishments. Repair holes with colorful thread and a creative darning stitch. Revive a stained shirt with fun embroidery. It’s easy!

With detailed step-by-step photography, Kristin Roach teaches you a wide range of patching, darning, and repair stitches using both hand and machine sewing. The how-to text is accompanied by inspiring examples from Roach’s own work and that of other notable craft bloggers and artisans. You’ll love the innovative solutions and the fabulous “new” clothes that you’ll create!

And isn’t the cover just adorable! Alethea, the creative director over at Storey, did a great job sourcing that cute scalloped vintage fabric and stitching up the title.Those step by step photos are really good too. I actually did all the hand modeling, how fun is that.

Storey has been so great to work with and I can’t wait to get my hands on the first copy of this book. I’ll be selling signed copies in the Craft Leftovers shop when they it comes out in February. Still a long way out, but the hard part is over.

I’m getting 2nd pages to proof tomorrow (the second copy of the book unbound to edit). So there is still work ahead, but compared to writing the book, making all the projects, traveling for a photo shoot, the first round of edits, this should be cake. Hard work, but cake.

Hooray for my first book! Just a few, okay, like 6 more months and I’ll have it in my hands!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Congratulations! I adore the cover and I love that the creative director stitched it herself.

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