Recycled Peace Ornaments

I’ve decided it is high time that I made some Christmas projects. I know that I am well under way into my Christmas knitting and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that was a common thing. I wanted to make some ornaments that could be made quickly, under an hour for each one. The other thing that is important to me is for them to indicate and denote Christmas, with out all the cheese involved. I have never really been a fan of decorating for holidays though, so I wanted something that could be used for a season. Winter Season. I like decorating for the season instead of the holiday. I guess I feel like it allows me to enjoy what I’ve done a little longer.

This project calls for felt and just about any will work great, but I really like using recycled sweaters and hence the name. I have a stash of old felted sweaters and this just seemed to call for soft white and red cabled felt.

Download the pattern here (pdf)

Now there is an explanation due because I realize I am tardy putting up this weeks pattern. There were several factors conspiring against me and I now realize that I was ridiculous to think I could get anything finished for Saturday. Unrealistic to the end! The main thing was work all Saturday, an all day committee thing on Friday, and a show at the Pleasant Street Gallery Thursday night. It went off without a hitch and we had a really great response. You can see pictures and whatnots here.

Now don’t forget to check back tonight! Craft Leftovers Monthly is going on Sale at Midnight central time! Hooray! I’ll post an update specifically for that with a direct link to the listing and everything!

Have a great Sunday!

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