Mending On the Go Kit :: Free Sewing Pattern

DSC_0058 “Crap!” And there goes my button. Now only if I had a little pocket kit to carry in my bag so I could quickly attach it before it goes missing. And what about those times you snag your favorite skirt while on vacation? What’s one to do? Well, mending on the go maybe isn’t ideal, but with this little kit you sure can make it a lot easier. Everything right where it needs to be just when you need it. Even some fabric for patches in a pinch and replacement buttons when you can’t find the one you’ve lost.


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Materials Needed:
6” X 3 1/4” piece of outer fabric (Main color) and of inner fabric (Contrasting Color
6” X 2 1/4” piece of main colored fabric (pocket)
2 3/8” X 3” piece of clear vinyl
2 3/8” X 2” piece of clear vinyl
2 piece of card stock 2 1/2” X 3”
3 – 1/2” buttons
3 – 1 1/2” pieces of ribbon, middy bread, cording – in the 1/4” width

Sewing on buttons (cl how to here)
Sewing with a machine – zig zag and straight stitch (can be made with hand stitching)




See more pictures on Flickr (I went a little trigger happy with the camera, haha, I just really liked the way it turned out!)


Well, am getting this up much later than I had hoped, but I’m glad I took the extra time working on the pattern and taking some nice photos. I had a lot of fun making it and even though the pattern took all afternoon to finish up, the project itself comes together in under an hour easy – a half hour if you know where everything is for it. I made some illustrations that should make assembly and construction super clear and easy. I also added in some tips to the pattern – just some little hints for making the project. I think I’ll start doing that more often, I really liked it.

Oh and the kit for this month’s clm is this projectit will come with everything to make and stock your mending kit! There is just one subscription left (if you want a 1 month subscription, just select “other” for the payment and put “one month” in the comments section and I’ll send you a revised invoice through paypal – I just really don’t want to go over my set amount – having an odd number will make things a little screwy). It would make me sooooo happy to sell out this month, so if you are thinking about it – do it! and know that you will directly increase the joy of my day :)

Have a good night and Happy Crafting!


10 thoughts on “Mending On the Go Kit :: Free Sewing Pattern

  1. Oh I love this Kristin! I want to make one. Your mending kit is very creative.
    Good timing too since I am working to get my sewing baskets stocked up on the important stuff and have everything where I can find it when I need it. I am slowly getting it all organized.

    I can’t wait to see the new Clm too. :) Your zines and kits just keep getting better all the time! I wouldn’t miss one.

  2. I love mending kits — the very greenest activity, of rescuing and re-using useful items. It is so nice when the kit is charming, as this is!

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