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Knit Pattern: Cat Hoodie

The Making me Purr Cat Hoodie. It’s one of those patterns that was so much of a joke between Jason and I that I almost didn’t write it down. I almost didn’t share it. It’s become a classic. Knit from stash yarn and lots of laughs it’s the most popular pattern I’ve ever written to date. Originally published in December 2009. Available for purchase on Ravelry

I made Molly a cat hoodie quite some time ago. Jason and I thought RapCat (checkers’ commercials) was just too ridiculous and therefore, pretty funny. We invented a scenario where RapCat was Molly’s secret lover and it was a long standing, pretty bizarre, joke. We even joked about Molly wearing RapCat’s hoodie, you know, the blue and blue one. We laughed so hard about it…. and then I made one for her and we laughed some more. And the really funny thing is she doesn’t mind wearing it at all!


Here she is for her fitting before I picked up stitches and knit the legs.

Now I know that a lot of cats would have serious objections with any kind of hoodie being put on them, even if knit with the most love. So some other ideas for the hoodie – Big Panda Plushies, A willing stout puppy dog (a little pug maybe?), you get the idea.

I think Miss Molly will enjoy it this win- ter for running outside (we walk with her outside in the morning, it’s too cold in the winter and she gets all stir crazy). Maybe some kitty booties will be in the near future too!

Want to knit a cat hoodie? Purchase it on Ravelry.

5 thoughts on “Knit Pattern: Cat Hoodie

  1. I bought this pattern on ravelry but I’m having a hard time reading it. I’m a beginner and don’t know all the symbols meaning. Is there a YouTube or other video tutorial? I’m really sad that I paid money and now I can’t even do this.

  2. The pattern is definitely more in that intermediate level vs beginner. A good test point is, have you knit a sock? All the skills in this pattern are covered in sock knitting. If you are ready to up your knitting knowledge there are so many great resources for learning the knitting pattern language. has a great glossary of terms with links to video tutorials and they cover some of the more advanced skills in the pattern – like ssk (slip slip, knit the two slipped stiches together).

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