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On the RAGBRAI Trail: DIY Cycling Gear

This week I’m on the trail of RAGBRAI for the first time. In fact, when this post goes live I’ll be well on Day 2 of riding. I’m nervous. I’m excited. And I’m dreaming about all the cool things I should make for my bike.

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Round up: 6 Reason’s to Love Coletterie!

It was a funny thing, I was collecting up sewing articles and patterns to post a round up about and I realized that 6 out of the 8 post I picked out to share with you were from  When I was in Chicago I stopped by The Needle Shop and couldn’t […]

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Bread Baking Goodness

Monday’s weekly round up! A great way to get the creative juices flowing and beat the Monday blues! I am definitely in a bread mood lately! Maybe it’s because I’ve been limiting my calorie consumption starting last Monday. Nothing nuts, just getting my eating back under control. That first day […]

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MAL Quicky 2.0: Sewing Skirts Next Week!

After the last (and first) Make-a-long Quicky challenge, many readers said they would have loved to participate if only they had known it was happening. So this time around I’m giving you a full week’s notice and a full week to vote on which pattern to make. And this MAL […]

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Leftovers Digest: 15 posts to tantalize the fall senses

Things to Make and Look At 1. I saw these little knit leaves and instantly thought “oh, leftover yarn bits could make those little lovelies”. Over on Knitting Iris, I can’t remember where I first saw this. 2. Little trees made from leaf rubbings (love this!). 3. Ruffled leaf tee […]


Rounding it up: Playing Catch Up Part 1

The past two months have been an absolute whirlwind of that combo I’m always talking about: exhilarating and exhausting. With the completion of the mural on Sunday night, it is now time to get caught up and get my life back in order. I cleaned like a mad woman all […]

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Just a few of my favorite things…Gardening!

As you may or may not know, the February issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly is divided in half between friendship and gardening. While digging around for ideas I came across quite a few wonderful garden themed items. I was going to have a page devoted to these great goodies, but […]


Good Morning 2010

It’s weird to think it’s the end of the year all ready. I wanted to share a few things with you really quick and then we will get on to your regularly schedule pattern post. First. You guys rock! I went from being newly graduated, to working part time, to […]

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A few of my favorite things: Ornaments!

I love making handmade ornaments and this week, the internet craftdom has been ripe with great ornament patterns! Aren’t these just beautiful? The way the fabric is cut up and pinned makes them wonderful for using up scraps. You can get the tutorial on Knitty Gritty Thoughts. This one is […]

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Thanksgiving Leftover Pick-Me-Up

It’s always great going home for thanksgiving. My parents pack up and freeze loads of yummy food for Jason and I, and his parents do the exact same thing. The end result is that our freezer is filled with turkey, packets of stuffing, sweet potatoes, and a bunch of other […]


Guest Blogging on CRAFT

Last week I was so excited to start guest blogging on CRAFT. Whenever they have guest bloggers, I always think “wow those people must be so cool”. And now I’m one of them. Although I still have doubts of my “coolness” I do feel like one pretty crafty lady. Check […]