Birdy Bookworm Bookmark :: Free Embroidry Pattern!

birdybookworm04 I love love love reading. And I love love love books. So that being the case I often am reading, looking through, or skimming a half a dozen or so. I go through a lot of book marks. Over time they just get misplaced, or if they are paper destroyed with the use of them. Bent, torn, tea spilt on. Well, after doing all that looking around on Tuesday at bookmarks I decided that cloth bookmarks are the way to go. And then I decided that I really want to do some embroidery too. So there we go, fabric bookmark embroidered with a little bird that just happens to love her bookworms.



I’ll only plug this when I put up new patterns, but just a little reminder. If you like today’s free pattern, think of it as a suggested donation of $1.


In other news – sorry for the all of a sudden lack of posting during the week – I got slammed with extra work stuff as well as some nasty headache issues. Bah to that.

Anyhow, I’m all caught up and my head is good to go and back on track, and just in time too because Craft Leftovers Monthly is going in the shop tomorrow night! Look for it around 6pm.

And because I really wanted to post about some other fun things, I’m going to post a little bonus sunday post along with the clm preview post!

I can give you a small preview right now though. Today’s pattern will be the kit for mark! I’m thinking spring. I’m thinking going walking and finding a nice bench to sit on and read for awhile in the crisp spring sun.


Ha! My friend Carolyn just let me in on the fact that I had turned off comments on this post! All the while I was thinking “why haven’t I gotten any comments on the bookmarks :( don’t people think they are cute” And it was completely my fault! Haha. I’m not sure how it happened, but I must have unchecked the “allow comments” thing. It’s fixed now and you can comment away – feedback is always appreciated!

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