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How To: Fabric Stitchy Bookmark

One of the things I wanted to work on this year was reading. And I have. In fact, I’ve worked on it a lot. It seemed only right to make a new bookmark to mark my place. I’ve already read more books this year than I did in all of […]

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Book Review: Crochet Master Class

Every Thursday I make my way to the local library to peruse the books on my current topic of interest (lately herbalism, greyhound adoption, and botanical illustration) as well as check out the newest craft books (which is usually quite a few because the circulation manager happens to be a […]

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Bookish Monday: Feeding My Book Habit

It was too much for one post, so I broke my bookish happiness into two. Part 1 was how to make time, part 2 is about affording it.

When I really get in a reading mood, I can blaze through a book or two a week. At $10-15 each, books can add up. Honestly, that’s just not an option. Here is how I keep my hunger for books fed and affordable:

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On Blog Writing

This past month I’ve been contemplating the question of “am I professional writer or a blogger or is there a difference?” It’s an interesting question for me because more and more I’m writing for my living: through Craft Leftovers, Craft Leftovers Monthly, the Ames Progressive, on other websites, and various […]


Using Used Books Part I

Recently I’ve been taken by the idea that how you buy says a lot about how you think. For me, who loves reading, there is no other buying new temptation stronger than a new book. I’m addicted to reading. I’m happy to say out of my much to big library […]