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Well the first pair that I made of these reminded me so much of Oscar the Grouch’s fur, so I decided to name them after him. They are Crocheted fingerless gloves, super warm and super quick to crochet up. Plus, they only take one skein of bulky yarn to make. […]


Holiday Crafting!

Okay, so things have yet again gotten away from me. But I’m just going to embrace it and gear up for next time. Basically I’m leaving out of town today and this was finals week so everything is nuts and all nighters. But in all of this I do have […]


Christmas Cards

Well, I decided to go ahead with a particularly Christmas craft this time around, which is actually good for me becase I procrastinate like no other. I will post close up shots on the flickr site, you should check them out. If you have any other ideas about making cards […]


This week’s pattern…

Well I just thought I would post a little howdy here to let everyone know that you should look for the pattern on Saturday. I have to work a double shift and then off to pot luck for the artist group I am VP of.. I will be teaching people […]

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Tissue Cozy!

Alright folks, I feel like I’m on the up and up… It’s not even past nine and I have the pattern ready to go! I’ve been feeling kind of sick lately and riding my bike when it is only 23 degrees tends to leave me with a runny nose at […]


Scrapy Pillow

Well, I’m not so happy with the colors that I picked out, so I’m going to make another one soon… Maybe with patterned fabric instead of just the plain color. I do like the pattern though. It’s a good way to use up little scraps of yarn and strips of […]

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Vinyl Wallet

Alright, well, I had done a ton of work to pull out a pattern for this week, it was going great, and then, well I didn’t have enough leftovers! I thought I had more poly fill than I really did, or my ferret stole it and nested it in the […]


Finally! Patterns again!

edited in: I found my cord, finally… i was getting worried about it, so here is a picture of the stamps that I made (and yes I did make the ultimate mistake of writing the text the correct way and so it is reversed when I stamp it… don’t do […]


And the winners are….

Nniiccoollee and Crown Cap Crafts! Please email me at with your real name, address, kit preference, and a color/theme prefernce…. also tell me what color you reallllly don’t like and would be sad if I picked it for yor kit. I have some bad news…. my internet is down […]


I regret to inform you….

Unfortunately I am going to have to postpone this week’s pattern to next week. I am out of town and even though I have the project finished it is going to take a little bit to get it written out (so that way it is not rediculouly confusing). I am […]

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Catnip Pillow :: Free Sewing Pattern

Well here is the second pattern of August. It’s a little pillow that you can sew up with little scraps of fabric and fill with rice and catnip or other herbs. My boyfriend, Jason, donated some pictures of his cat, Molly, playing with it. She goes from sweet “aww, you […]


And the winner is!

By Random out of the hat selection Sister Diane is the winner of this past pattern’s drawing! Woo! Congradulations! She has the choice of a kit from any of the posted patterns, I will let you know what she decides when she lets me know. I will unfortunately not be […]

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Dish Rag!

Alright, here’s this Wednesday’s pattern. As always there will be a drawing held and I will announce the winner later tonight (we want things to be random, so I will have someone draw the name out of a take out container, how exciting!). Okay, so I have found out that […]


And the winner is…..

Nicole from Canada! She decided on a water bottle sling kit because she does not have a sewing mechine and dark and light blue for her colors. I am sending it off tomorrow morning and it will hopefully get to her in the next week or so. I hope she […]


Pencil Clutch!

Alright, so it’s been two weeks so here is a new crafty leftover pattern for you. It just takes a few scraps of sturdy fabric, a button, and some thread! Not too bad at all. It’s a really simple pattern and takes full advantage of the zig-zag stitch on the […]


Water bottle sling

Here is the first crafty leftover pattern that I made this summer, I made it with two half skiens of yarn in contrasting colors, worsted weight. It knits up pretty fast. Because I do not have hosting where you can download pdf files, I just made the patterns into jpgs […]


Hi ya!

All summer long I have been trying to be very resourceful as far as projects to keep me occupied goes. I have spent as little as possible and have just used what I have on hand (which is too much) and things from other projects that I have done for […]