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How To: Herb Bundles

Making bundles of herbs to dry is a great way to both use up leftover herbs and use up little scraps of wire and ribbon. Not to mention they are really pretty around the house, smell wonderful, and nicely dried can be wonderfully delicious in any meal. We had quite […]

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How To: Cover a coptic bound book


I recently made a book from my favorite papers and envelopes using the codex binding method, but the only thing I had for the cover was some thicker paper. So, the first step in fixing up my book, is giving it a bit more stability.

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On the Needles: Changing Yarns Around

It’s been awhile since I started a new knitting project, so I wanted it to be really great. Something I would want to wear all the time. And something that would be brainless to knit so I can take it everywhere for me. At first I was going to do […]


Guest Tutorial: How to Prepare Your Pumpkin for Painting

I do a lot of paint related things – stamping, collaging, illustrating, and painting. And really paints shouldn’t be kept more than 6 months to a year. They will start to separate and dry out over time. Every time I buy paint for a project, I’m faced with leftover paint […]

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Making Waxed “Linen” Thread

There are many great reasons to have waxed linen on hand –  coiling, book binding, jewelry making, and braiding just to name a few. Here is a really easy way to use up some bits of embroidery floss and get that elusive waxed thread into your tool kit (the only […]


Apartment Redress: Vintage Lamp Rewire Finished!

  We went to the hardware store and picked up all the parts to replace every electrical related piece on this little guy + we added the feature of a snazy little clicker on the cord because “Kristin, you can’t reach the top of the frig, how are you going to […]


Apartment Redress::Studio Curtains Part III:: Finished!

All finished! Today I went to the hardware store and picked up a curtain rod and something to hang the curtain with. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, some simple metal shower curtain hooks, but then I got to the “curtain isle” and holy moly what a selection. […]


In the Garden :: Compost How To

As I was pulling all the grass clumps out of the freshly tilled soil I was thinking “oh great, what am I going to do with all this sod? good for nothing grass!” And then I read that you can actually compost it no problem, you just need plenty of […]

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Starching Lace for Non-Traditional Reasons

I’ve been overly fascinated by crochet lately and have started to use it more and more in my paintings.  I’ve working on this particular piece and while I want the crochet to be flat across the painting I do not want a lot of tension on the sides of the […]


How To :: Yarn Spa Day :: Refreshing Spent Yarn

Sometimes yarn gets a little abused and used and worn out and just needs a good relaxing day. Well, actually, after ripping out yarn several times it does need to be refreshed. Maybe not a full on spa day, but a nice dip in some soapy water does wonders. In […]