Free How To’s from All Things Paper

Ann from All Things Paper sent me links to three great tutorial that she has put together and are free for us to use and make! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ On Folding Trees :: Filigree Pendants On Heart Handmade :: Fringed Flower Card On All Things Paper :: Simple Filigree Flower Card […]


DIY Detergent :: From the Kitchen of Thrift Kitchen!

Earlier this week I posted a tutorial for the Coupon Catcher and posted it on Thrift Kitchen as from the studio of Craft Leftovers. Well now I’ve posted a tutorial on Thrift Kitchen about making laundry detergent and I’m sharing it here with you. In a way it actually is […]

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Sleepy Ferret Hammock :: Free Sewing Pattern!

Sponsor Mr Beuler Ferrets are cute and cuddly, mischievous, and above all else: sleepers! They sleep for about 16 hours a day and are only awake for 8 hours – and that’s when they are young. Beuler – my old man ferret whose 6 now – is only awake for 2 -4 hours each day. It’s important that they have good places to sleep during those long hours. They will curl up just about anywhere, but hammocks are great because they keep the light out, are soft, warm, and good for snuggling in.


How To :: Quilling Leaves

When I was growing up I loved putting ornaments on the tree and there were quite a few that really burned their way into my mind. One in particular was curly Q’s of wood shavings, glued together, and lots of sparkly glitter. Of course the glitter was globbed on not […]

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Laundry Loader :: Free Pattern

DSC_0030 Our bedroom was in order. Now it’s not. What happened? Laundry. Simple as that. We have no place to put anything as far as the laundry goes (from the laundry itself to the detergent bottle lying on the floor next to it). Well, the times are a changing, we need some order. And now, we have it. Enter the Laundry Loader. Half leftover craft/project stuff, half purchased supplies, we are now the proud owners of our own laundry organizer. And you can be too!


Apartment Redress :: Laundry Days :: Part II

I went to Lowes this morning and spent about an hour and half wheeling my cart from “lumber” to “plumbing” trying to decide “wood” or “pvc” for the hamper. Then I did the math. Pvc won out on ease of use, because of the tools I have on had, and […]


How To :: Fabric Covered Button :: Part II

In the last How To post I said something about sewing on a button without a shank and how I would show you how at some point. Well, I decided that really, this would be just an extension of the last how to post and if you make some fabric […]


Apartment Redress :: Laundry Days

Our bedroom was in order. Now it’s not. What happened? Laundry. Simple as that. We have no place to put anything as far as the laundry goes (from the laundry itself to the detergent bottle lying on the floor next to it). Well, the times are a changing, we need […]


How To :: Making Fabric Covered Buttons

For this month’s Craft Leftovers Monthly I included vintage fabric covered buttons in everyone’s package. And one thing I noticed while looking through them all is that they are pretty easy to make (without a kit) from just a washer, some

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How To :: Potato Stamping


I love printing, just about any kind really. From the copy machine to silk screening to block prints and monoprints. I love it all. And one of my favorites, that’s the easiest, quickest, really fun and super easy to clean up is potato printing. You can print about on anything with them and they are cheap and the supply list is short unlike silk screening or even block printing really. Granted, you can’t get realllly detailed, but it’s great for greeting cards, pots of plants, even fabric really.

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A Walk in the Park Apron

A Walk in the Park

This apron sure is a walk in the park to make. It’s so fast and easy to whip up in an evening or morning, or afternoon for that matter. Use a pattered fabric for your main piece. Something kind of darker and kind of “filled” works well to hide stains and smudges from cooking. I’m always wiping my hands on the sides of my pants because I’m used to wearing my studio apron just about all the time. I made this apron a bit more wrap aroundish for that reason.

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Carrying Balance

Carrying Balance
So you all know of my delay by wii fit? Well, I changed plans that day for a regular tote type bag to a Wii Fit carry all. For all your wii fit on the go needs. I had a two fold motivation for making this bag carry all for my newly acquired wii fit. The primary reason was that I needed something to protect it from ferret teeth when it was not in use. They reallllly liked the little cup feet on the bottom of the board as well as all the rubber fittings anywhere else on it. Secondly I was heading on vacation and my friend had a wii and she wanted to try it out, so I wanted to have something to carry it all in along with my mario kart wheel and wiimote. Are you nerded out yet? Haha. So this was the end result of those two needs.


Using Used Books Part II

So on monday I covered quite a few ways to get your hands on used books. I had an oversite though, book swaps! Here is a list of the book swaps I rustled up: Book Mooch ++ Bookins ++ WhatsOnMyBookshelf ++ Title Trader ++ Read it Swap it (uk) ++ […]


Envelope Licking Good!

Avis, over at Avis Designs, shared this great recipe on how to make your own envelope glue. I love her statement “I have been making my own envelope glue for about a year now and I talked to a lot of people at the show about the recipe and how […]