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Fall Knit Head Wrap

We received a nice arctic blast this past week that made me think about fall and winter knitting. The Summer Knit Head Wrap just wasn’t going to cut it for those cool days and cold nights ahead. So, a Fall Knit Head Wrap seemed to be in order. It’s wider, […]

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There will always be something just so cute about baby bibs, especially when they are covered with pureé pea soufflé of course. They are quick to whip up and super special for that special little one, or friend’s little one, in your life.

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Dynamic Duo

My couch is well, a broken down futon inherited from a friend who got it from a friend and so on. It doesn’t stay in the grooves, so is perpetually sunk in with the bend resting on the floor. When you sit on it your knees can be all the way to your chest (or at least that is how it feels to me anyway). Needless to say it’s okay for sitting cross legged on or on the edge if I’m working on things on my coffee table, but not really just for sitting. My friends avoid it. I don’t blame them. So I need to fix that, or get a new couch, but the latter won’t happen. So the solution? Pillows! I didn’t have enough of the same yarn to make a full knit/crocheted pillow, so I backed them with a sturdy decor fabric. I needed more than just one, so two it is. One is knit and one is crochet.

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Crewel Of The Deep

All those yarn strands, just a few yards long are filling up all my little containers and what the heck can you do with those except pitch them in the trash? About a year ago I was introduced to crewel needlework and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the perfect thing. […]

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I Heart Felting

So I finally did it. I felted. I just had to share too of course! This woman at my LYS where I work brought me in her leftovers from all her felting projects and said “I’m not going to use it, does anyone here want it? If not make sure […]

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Hook Clutch

I’ve been carrying more and more hooks around and my bag and therefore losing them all over the place, travesty!… what to do? A clutch was definitely in order. A necessity for any hooking person.

Now this is for the hookers, but next week I have something in the works for the ones with poky sticks. So this is kind of a two parter just to give you a heads up.

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Sweater Mouse

I have a mountain of felted sweaters that I have collected from my work. For whatever reason, people don’t understand that we really can’t resell them for two reasons, it’s summer… and they are felted. But all the better for me because I get to take them home and find […]

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Lacy Knit Wristlet

Ah using up little bits of yarn and little buttons makes me so happy. This week’s pattern uses 1/2 ounce of fingering weight yarn. And 2 to 4 buttons. It knits up pretty fast, and since it’s so small, blocks fast too! Definitely wouldn’t hurt to add some beads in […]

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Picnic Napkins

Hey folks, guess what? School is out for the summer! I have not had a summer break for three years now (the first one here was all about moving a getting a job and working lots of hours and unpacking, so I’m not counting that). I’m so excited. There are […]

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Host Tote

I was in a bind. I wanted to do a knitting pattern, but the one I was working on was taking too long. There was no way I was going to get it finished in time. So I asked my friend Andrea if she could think of anything and immediately […]

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Summer Fling

A lot of times you can find really great fabric at the thrift store in the form of an outdated frumpy dress. That was definitely the case for this little summer fling. The dress had buttons up the front, so they even matched the top. The great thing about dresses […]

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Crocheted Sun Tea Spot

For one of the first times of the year I sat outside on the front stoop with my drink to work on some research stuff on my laptop. As I put my drink down I had a deep seated fear that I was going to put my glass down to hard and crack the bottom on the concrete… no good. So what to do? How about crochet my own little spot for my sun tea.

It’s also heating up around here, finally, and condensation is getting everywhere, so they will be coming in handy for that too!

And so this week’s Craft Leftover pattern was born.

Unfortunately, today is not one of those “sit outside in the glorious bliss of the sun” so here it is keeping my external from getting wet.

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Sink into it

Maybe this pattern is coming out of my own end of the semester fatigue. I can think nothing better to do than sink my head into an over stuffed hand made pillow. And yes I’m still on the “what can i do with these strips of fabric” kick. It may […]

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Scrap Skirt

So last semester I did a project for a fiber arts class that included a strip of fabric about 50 yards long and 5 inches wide. And honestly, I’m not to the point where people are collecting my school assignments, that will come later in about 15 years i’m sure […]

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Fancy Fricking Napkins

You can embroider them with wool or cotton, either way they are Fancy fricking napkins. Easy enough to make, they add that special something to your fancy fricking dinner. Depending on your dinner, you can fancy them up or fancy them down style.

The pattern also includes a how to on making a crocheted napkin ring. Sewing and crochet! My favorite!

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Think Spring

Oh it is so cold out and I really wanted something to help me think spring. I grabbed some of my spring time colored yarn and had a go at it. I figured a little shoulder bag would be the perfect thing, then I could take it with me wherever […]

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Zip It!

I recycle a whole lot of cloths into other things, but was kind of lacking as to what to do with the left over zippers. I really just don’t use that many. So I came up with this little solution. The whole bag takes maybe a half hour to an […]